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Did you strain your back while picking produce in the fields? Were you hospitalized after working in extreme heat conditions? Did improper training on farm equipment cause you to suffer a serious injury? Have you been left wondering about your access to workers’ compensation benefits?

Hired farm workers in the United States are under constant threat of serious injury, illness or death because of the work they do. Under California law, agricultural workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace accident.

If you or a loved one was injured while working in the fields, you are entitled to benefits under the law. At Rezai & Associates, in Irvine, California, our experienced attorneys can help you navigate the complex legal process to gain access to the benefits you deserve. We will take the necessary steps to ensure you are properly compensated for your job-related injury or illness.

Helping You Get The Compensation Owed To You

When agricultural employers misclassify employees, fail to acquire workers’ compensation insurance or do not cover applicable workers, injured agriculture workers miss out on workers’ compensation benefits that can help cover medical treatments, hospital bills, medication costs and rehabilitation services.

Farm workers need these benefits to recover from their injuries, return to work and support their families.

At Rezai & Associates, we proudly represent farm workers throughout Orange County and Southern California who have suffered a back injury, repetitive motions injuries, respiratory illnesses or wrongful death associated with:

  • Bending and picking cotton or produce
  • Lifting heavy produce crates and bins
  • Inadequate training on farming equipment
  • Improper safety training around farming equipment
  • Poor access to potable drinking water
  • Inadequate access to shade
  • Working in extreme heat conditions
  • Working without proper equipment
  • Exposure to harmful pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals

Our lawyers know the law and how it applies to farm workers in California. We have recovered $100 million in compensation for clients and their families for a variety of work-related injuries, including injuries associated with agricultural accidents.

Put A Strong Legal Presence On Your Side

If an injury in the field has left you unable to work, talk to a team of attorneys that is ready and able to advocate on your behalf. We will make your best interests our top priority.

To speak with a lawyer at our office in Irvine, call 888-647-9621. You can also set up a free initial consultation by sending us an email. We’re ready when you need us. Se habla español.

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